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Be a part of Curiosity, personal development, global compassion, action with real impact, and a peaceful presence.

UC | Collective is a community of individuals, projects, organizations, brands, explorers and initiatives focused on bringing global access to collaborative knowledge and resources for the “greater good” - through spreading awareness, sharing knowledge, being curious, being responsible, showing compassion and taking real action within wellness, culture, environment, knowledge, and philanthropy.

In 2019, we will be opening opportunities for Advocates, Affiliates, Ambassadors, Contributors, Nomads, Sponsors, and Donors we are always happy to hear from.

At UC, we are all for mutual support, collaboration, and promotion; but most of all to unify our efforts to open opportunities throughout the world for effective change and uplifting the universal consciousness.


Are people of “industry” within the UC Areas of Focus. These are people who are in action and making a difference - Mind-Body Practitioners, Teachers, Creators, Trainers, Musicians, Yogis, Scientists, Monks, Holistic & Alternative Health Leaders/Doctors, Writers, Leaders, Environmentalists, Doctors, Artists, Nutritionists, Philanthropists, Counselors, etc.


Are organizations, businesses and brands of “industry” within the UC Areas of Focus. These are organizations who are affecting change for the greater-good and using responsible business practices - Studios, Environmental Companies, Art Studios, Training Centers, Monasteries, Clothing Brands, Community Centers, Wellness Centers, Equipment & Gear Brands, Temples, Non-profits, , Eco-Products, Philanthropic Organizations, Government Organizations with a Cause, etc.)

Brand Ambassadors & Nomads

This is for influencers of “industry” within the UC Areas of Focus. These are individuals. Our ambassadors share their love of our products and and our collaborative affiliates and sponsors. They have a real practice and lifestyle for the wellbeing of humanity and the plant; not just to promote online. Furthermore, they’re eligible to collaborate with us on photoshoots, online content, and product development. These are people who are in action and making a difference through the responsible use of their social media and other other networks who will sport our gear and promote our collective products - Mind-Body Practitioners, Teachers, Explorers, Creators, Trainers, Musicians, Students, Yogis, Scientists, Monks, Moms, Holistic & Alternative Health Leaders/Doctors, Elders, Writers, Outdoors Men & Woman, Leaders, Environmentalists, Adventures, Doctors, Artists, Dads, Nutritionists, Philanthropists, Counselors, etc.


These are people, businesses and brands of “industry” within the UC Areas of Focus. These individuals, businesses, brands, and organizations what to get their product in front of their markets and being promoted properly; like use of our UC | Collective. They produce products that create a better quality of life for their target markets. The products are made responsibly - Clothing Brands, Equipment Brands, Eco Product Brands, “Practice” Item Companies etc.)


If you are a writer, editor, content creator, poet, musician, graphic artist, artist, photographer, film maker, social media guru and want to dedicate some work to an organization focused on the universal language of consciousness; please let us know and what you do and what your up for.


This is simply for those of you or your organizations and companies who wish to make a donation towards a UC Philanthropy or one of our Partner or Affiliate Initiatives.

Through January, February and March we will be going through all of the submissions from end of last year and re-opening our doors and our hearts to new individuals and organizations on a greater scale.

We are taking things to the next level.

If you are interested in any of the above posted and becoming a part of the UC Collective; just let us know! You would be joining a vast and expanding global community of like-hearted individuals, organizations and brands. Let us know what you are doing or what project you are developing, or documentary you are making, or what your organization is working on. See submission form below.


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