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“There are words in a language and then there are life experiences, The language of consciousness is of experiences, in which words can no longer solely define something or yoU.”

Take a moment to envision a “space” where there are no borders; where a 25 year old woman in the midst of developing an initiative in Africa for health and sports, a philanthropist traveling the world doing “good deeds”, and a corporate executive in Canada who’s corporation wants to give financial support to a non-profit organization for the year; all could meet. Where man dealing with chronic health issues in the USA, a naturopathic doctor in Sweden, a nutritionist in Panama and a research doctor of medicine in Washington D.C. could connect. Where an Ambassador of the UN, a scientist in Italy, and an engineer in Norway of eco-technologies could meet a venture capitalist living in all their same cities already doing business there. Where a school learning about mindfulness in France, a retreat organizer of wellness in Bali, and a meditation teacher in the USA all could see each others projects. Where a farmer, a “permaculturist”, and an environmentalist all are discussing research. Where a monk, a geologist and young teenager at 15 could have a conversation about life and the universe and that it’s all the same.

That “space” you just envisioned is Unify Consciousness.

We are a space for anyone, at anytime, anywhere; no matter your age, gender, lifestyle, race, religion, education or economic environment - to connect and experience, to learn and share, to explore and be curious. Where people, projects, organizations and brands truly dedicated to the exploration and embetterment of humanity and of our planet are supported and celebrated. Because we are all that “space” and when we take time to be curious, to unify and explore beyond boundaries; is when we find and create a better quality of life for everyone. There is no “I” there is only “we”.

We are a collective and unified body of individuals spreading compassion, knowledge and awareness around the world.

The scenarios stated above, for you to envision, are actual real life situations throughout the lifetime of the Founder and Creator of Unify Consciousness , Oliver Barrett Giacobbe. At the time these events took place there was no resource, no place, no “space” that felt safe and that held all views while letting all view go to be curious. UC is not only his dream but the hopes and dreams of many other’s, he has encountered along the way, come to light.


what we do

“welltureviron knowthropy”

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Providing in the sharing, exploring, understanding, and awareness of a universal language; the language of consciousness.

Ultimately, we are an organization, a community, a collective that creates new paths without “borders” for individuals, projects, organizations, brands and initiatives focused on bringing global access to collaborative knowledge and resources for the “greater good” - through awareness, practice and action within wellness, culture, environment, knowledge, and philanthropy.

We also hold UC workshops, classes, trainings, retreats and events throughout the year in order to support and promote the understanding through awareness, practice for living and not just existing, and knowledge for action through our main areas of focus; while also promoting the events, workshops, retreats of our growing global community. See our UC | Events and UC | Collective Events schedules to join us.

We must be our message. Our message is…


wellness | Culture | Environment | Knowledge | Philanthropy

What is your message?

Today, we are currently engaged in our efforts towards growing the collective and each of our focus areas of “wellture-vironknowthropy”. Through these pathways we believe positive human development and interaction, spiritual and scientific collaboration, and real global action can take place; where the awareness of humanity can unify the greater consciousness for the “greater good”.

In our eyes we have just taken our “first steps”. In 2019 we have just “begin to walk”. In 2020 our goal is to expand our collective footprint to an addition 20 nations. See how you can be a part of our growth through your personal development, projects, organizations, brands, and initiatives;
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To see what we are doing in each focus areas; continue to scroll down.



wellness | Culture | Environment | Knowledge | Philanthropy





Our vision is to unify everyday people with teachers, leaders visionaries and organizations who are shaping the worlds awareness on ancient  and modern "whole-body wellness" and positively impacting the future of humanities global wellbeing and that of our planet.

UC Wellness is a space for both those who have never started a mind-body or spiritual health practice or have never had a holistic and alternative health lifestyles as much as it is for those who are experience practitioners and the actual teachers, leaders and visionaries themselves. It is a resource for all whom seek a better more balanced “whole-body wellness"

This Wellness space is also just as much for the scientists, researchers, holistic doctors, nutritionists, general doctors, spiritual practice leaders to discuss, debate, and create new modalities of Wellness. It is for those who’s lives are dedicated to exploring Wellness in order to provide solutions and actionable practices to empower the ancient and modern modalities of better health and wellbeing.

We support the global wellness community by continuing to provide information and resources for anyone at anytime, anywhere; to connect and learn more about the ever-growing community of “whole-body wellness”. 

We are hosting events, retreats, trainings, workshops, lectures and class in various countries throughout the year in order to provide people with access to explore, share and learn from some amazing teachers, practitioners, nutritionist, spiritual guides, and more.

Here we will continue to provide you with highlights on practitioners around the world, articles related to alternative and mind-body health practice, and ancient and modern knowledge on developing practices, resources to wellness solutions, information on wellness projects, and so much more.

To learn more about how you can join our efforts and share your projects; click here.


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At UC Culture we are focused on promoting and preserving cultural, ethnic, racial, spiritual, and linguistic traditions around the globe. Our UC Programs and the programs of other organizations we collaborate with; integrate ancient and indigenous wisdom with current modern day resources and overall collective support from like minded individuals, organizations, brands, and governments. 

The programs and initiatives include but are not limited to community cultural projects, art centers, youth initiatives, ethnic and cultural awareness organizations, government cultural conflict resolutions, and different events and festivals.

We are asked at times to advise and give informed insight from a global perspective and regional understanding to different schools, organizations and governments; in an array of of important issues dealing with conflict resolutions between tribes, spirituality, religion, ethnic diversity, ex-pat / immigrant relationships with local population and economics and so forth.

Our goal is to preserve communities and their unique heritage to provide countries, cities, elders, youth, local indigenous tribes, spiritual and religious congregations, and individuals themselves with a resource to bring a unification and resolution in order to achieve this. To share our stories of past to support the creation and protection of future stories.

Many cultural heritage preservation organizations are primarily community based, as we are, tend to lack in financial resources when compare to other types of non-profit / NGO types of organizations, so lets come together to support each other and unite in our efforts..

To learn more about how you can join our efforts and share your projects; click here.


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At UC Environmental we are focused on environmental awareness and the support others and their organizations working everyday to preserve, conserve and protect our wildlife, forest, parries lands, beaches and oceans, food and water supply… our planet… or life.

When the topic of ecology or environmental awareness arises; its interesting to see the reaction of the people in the room. We understand that with all the “doom and gloom” talk only creates a sense of either disbelief, a severed connection to the topic, a feeling of fear and in most cases all three. How can anyone move forward when it is all seems like there is nothing that can be done?

Here at UC, we celebrate those who are driven in positive action towards even the smallest of community projects that generate progress towards change and the preservation, protection, conservation of our planet and wildlife. This space is where anyone can return to a direct experience within the natural world, with real people and organization, through which they can become more aware, empowered, awaken and can get involved to return or find for the first time, a powerful and compassionate connection to life here on earth.

We will be further developing this division throughout 2019 to support brining organizations and individuals together to collaborate and promote a more sustainable and health environment. Watch for more information coming soon!

To learn more about how you can join our efforts and share your projects; click here.


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We often say, here at UC, there is data that then becomes information that then becomes Knowledge and this is where wisdom is birthed. Through providing access to resources of knowledge on providing for the greater good we can connect, experience, share and learn from each other in order to create a greater and more wise society, to create our own path towards a healthier and present life.

At UC Knowledge we are set out to hold events, festivals, retreats, workshops and class along with our online community to bring this collective knowledge so that we can embody it and turn it into actionable wisdom for the future… our future.

From mind-body practices to science-based evidence, from indigenous heritage to philanthropic endeavors; here you can harness the knowledge to create the wisdom that you seek; because it is not what you came here to read or learn but why you did, who you are becoming and what you will do with the knowledge when you access it.

To learn more about how you can join our efforts and share your projects; click here.


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At our heart’s center is UC Philanthropy. No only because of what our efforts bring to those who are involved but how we have set out to break down barriers and effectively dissolve borders. No borders… no boundaries. We are all one.

Every summit, event, festival, retreat, workshop, lecture, and class that is held by UC; a percentage always goes toward global UC Projects or to UC Collective projects of our affiliates. We know every little bit helps; we have seen its power. $40 dollars that you might spend on dinner and think nothing about, goes a long way to a child for food, education, and health in places all around the world.

We collaborate and honor non-profit organizations of all kinds – from charities and international NGOs to wellness centers and alternative education schools to environmental conservation and cultural preservation organizations – helping them to access and obtain the resources they need to achieve their goals. We do this by developing a bridge over the gap between inspired thoughts and collective action.

As we move into 2019 watch for more on our global initiatives, projects, and collective projects.

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wellness | Culture | Environment | Knowledge | Philanthropy



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These projects, initiatives and collaborative organizations below all aim to create access, awareness and opportunity for the greater good of humanity and our planet. Press or click the image to learn more about each one. Explore and be curious, learn and share, find empowerment to take action. We all share in a common vision of educating communities, bringing awareness to regional and global issues and even just simple personal campaigns to make personal developmental and lifestyle changes for a little extra motivation and comfort in life and overall wellbeing.

watch throughout 2019 as we continue to focusing efforts on supporting Affiliates & partnerships initiatives and each others overall visions for on-going collaboration.